Well, we have been test-driving Firefox version 3 for the past week or so, and it is great. A vastly improved web browser than its predecessor, which I have been using for quite some time very happily (until now).

Firefox Logo

Mozilla say that Firefox 3 has the following improvements:

  • More secure (in that they have really upped the protection offered to users from Malware, Virus attacks, etc)
  • Easier to use (Lots of little improvements to password-handling, downloading, add-on handling, etc)
  • More personal (Lots of improvements to help you be more organised, and to save you time)
  • Improved platform for developers
  • Improved performance (Speed, memory usage and reliability all improved)

More details on the specific improvements offered can be found HERE.

We have been running the RC1 version, and it is definitely much improved in terms of performance, which was a slight issue with previous versions. This version of Firefox is definitely the best web browser I have ever used personally, and it makes much better use of my time when browsing, something I spend quite a portion of my day doing.

Things like the improved 'Location Bar' are just stunning improvements, and the added security it now has built in makes life quite a bit safer online. The visual improvements are quite good, with some nice icons for XP & Vista.

Firefox 3 is not on full release yet, and Mozilla have been flooding the internet trying to drum up support for their 'record' attempt on their proposed release date. They have been running a campaign to get people to 'pledge' to download version 3 on the release date to allow them to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period.

There is no definite date for release yet, but it is expected to be mid-June, and we will be recommending to all our users to get Firefox 3 - we love it !

Anyone wanting a detailed review of Firefox 3 should visit Mozilla Links.

UPDATE 17th June 2008:

Well, today was the day that Mozilla decided to release Firefox 3, the eagerly awaited free web browser, with an ever-increasing following.

Firefox 3

It can be downloaded HERE (there is also a brief tour video near the bottom of the page).